adrienne donica

Adrienne Donica

Hi, I’m Adrienne, an award-winning magazine journalist and frequent hiker based in Pennsylvania.

Currently, I’m deputy editor for, where I direct the site’s editorial strategy and maintain its 3,100-strong database of profiles about notable people, past and present. Previously, I served as Popular Mechanics outdoors editor, testing and reviewing outdoor gear and apparel. Then, I broadened my scope of gear coverage as expert reviews editor for Pop Mech, Runner’s World and Bicycling, where I commissioned highly credible product guides and service-based print columns from knowledgeable freelancers. I’ve also worked for Field & Stream and for regional publications, including Biz 417, where I served as editor-in-chief, and 417 Magazine.

My obsession with audio led me to start a short-lived podcast about taboo topics, and for more than three years, I helped produce Failing Forward, a Cincinnati-based interview show about failure and resilience. I have degrees in journalism and sociology from the University of Missouri.

I’m always happiest when I’m outside, and as a Cincinnati native, I can tell you people spend entirely too much time talking about chili when they should be talking about Graeter’s Ice Cream. It really is the best.